february 2002 Ph.D. in Physics at University of Genoa. Advisors: Giovanni Ridolfi and Stefano Forte. Title of dissertation: Aspects of QCD perturbative evolution.
april 1998 Degree in Physiscs (Laurea in Fisica) at University of Genoa, Italy, cum laude. Supervisor: Giovanni Ridolfi. Topic of undergraduate research: Polarized deep-inelastic scattering and target mass corrections.
june 1992 High school degree.
additional education
november 2007 I Corso di formazione INFN su aspetti pratici dell'integrazione di applicazioni in GRID, Martina Franca, Italia.
october 2000 XVIII Autumn School, Topology of strongly correlated systems, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa, Portugal.
september 1999 XVII Autumn School, QCD: Perturbative or Nonperturbative?, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa, Portugal.
summer 1997 LXVIII session of Les Houches Summer School, Probing the standard model of particle interactions, Les Houches, France.
permanent postion
since 2001 High school teacher. Now at RH Colombatto, Torino.
postdoctoral postions
2007-2009 University of Milano, Italy.
2004-2006 University of Torino, Italy.
teaching experience
2007-2009 Teaching assistant: computational physics, University of Milano, Italy.
2004-2006 Teacher: mathematics for cookers, IAL Liguria, Italy.
2001-2002 Teacher: applied information technology, European school of ecomomics, Genoa, Italy.
2000-2001 Teaching assistant: classical mechanics and electrodynamics, University of Genoa, Italy.
additional information
2000 Research grant, Decreto del Rettore n. 2515/2001, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy.
1997-1998 Drafted for Civil Service by the Italian Government.